Friday, July 1, 2011

Sneaky Veggies: Broc 'n Berry Shake and Menu Plan

I got a great response from my other green shake
so I had to share this one with you.
This one is yummier and doesn't turn green when you make it. 
My two year old asks for these shakes everyday.
Super yummy and you can't taste the veggies hidden inside. 
Both strawberries and broccoli should be well rinsed if frozen.

Broc 'n Berry Shake

1/2 heaping cup strawberries
1/2 cup rinsed frozen broccoli 
Large 1/2 of banana
1 tablespoon almond butter
1/2 cup juice (I use Apple)
1/8 cup water

Blend well. 

Thérèse plugging her ears while the blender is on. 

Fresh strawberries are the best! 

I had to share this picture. Check out his morning hair! 
Name that celebrity from the 70's that she resembles. 

Weekly Menu Planning:

Every Sunday evening I plan out a menu for us. 
This is super important to me since it cuts down 
on time, money and stress.
To give you an idea of what our menu looks like
here is what we ate this past week:
(Monday is the only day I make two meals since our fridge is on empty. 
The rest of the week we eat sandwiches and leftovers for lunch.) 

Monday: Lunch: Spaghetti. Dinner: Sushi
Tuesday: Veggie Burgers from My Father's Daughter
Thursday: Sweet and Sour Tempeh from Real Food Daily and Dumplings
Friday: Daniel's Pizza (I'm excited to eat this! I'll be sharing it with you soon)


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