Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whole Grains: Bulger Wheat with Pasta and Mushrooms

I did a post a couple weeks ago on Whole Grains
and why they are good for you. 
In that post, I mentioned that eating whole wheat pasta 
is not a good source of whole grains.
Let me clarify, when I'm talking about whole grains, 
I'm talking about the grain right off the plant.
Unlike whole wheat which is processed to be made into pasta
whole grains are in their most natural form.
This is the best way to eat the grain.

Don't think of whole grains as carbohydrates.
Carbs have a bad (and accurate) reputation of bulking on pounds.
But whole grains, when eating the right serving size,
will not make you gain weight. 
Quite the opposite, they will clean you out. 
They prevent asthma, allergies, and are overall healing.
One of the most common whole grains is brown rice.
But it's important to eat a variety of whole grains 
since each one has different nutrients.

I'm always looking out for whole grain dishes,
sharing whole grains will be a regular post on this blog.
This is something you can incorporate in your life now.
You can easily serve them along side
whatever protein dish you already have on your table.
I get my whole grains in the bulk section of our health food store. 
They are inexpensive and filling.
Store your whole grains in the refrigerator 
if you don't plan on using them a week after you buy them.
They have no artificial ingredients to preserve them
so they can go bad fast.

Here is a recipe I made this week with Bulgur Wheat.
This grain has been pre-cooked and cracked
so it doesn't contain all it's original energy.
But it's still great and perfect for summer. 

Bulgur Wheat with Pasta and Mushrooms

In a large saucepan
sauté 1/4 onion in oil until translucent.

Stir in 1 cup bulgur wheat.

Stir in 1 cup pasta.
I used spiraled brown rice pasta.
Add 2 1/2 cups water.
Bring to a boil uncovered, reduce flame to low, cover 
let simmer for about 20 minutes.
When it's done water should have dissolved. 

Sauté 1/2 an onion in 1 tablespoon olive oil.
If I did this all over again, 
I'd sauté this onion till it browned.
Gives the dish so much more flavor. 

When your bulgur wheat is done, fluff it with a fork.

Throw sliced mushrooms into your onions.
I also threw in a chopped scallion.

Once the mushrooms have browned 
stir in your pasta, bulgur wheat mixture. 

Our poor camera is on it's death bed. 
Can you tell?

Serve it up!
This is great on it's own for a light lunch 
or as a side for a satisfying meal. 

My family loved this dish. 
My toddler didn't want to eat it, 
but as I was spooning it into her mouth
she kept saying, "More."
She ate it all up without a fuss!
The next day I squeezed some ketchup on it 
and she finished it up. 
At first, whole grains can seem bland and boring,
but they grow on you because your body will plead with you to eat them.

Enjoy your whole grains!


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