Saturday, July 16, 2011

Guest Blog: Homemade Pop Tarts!

My 12 year old brother-in-law, Christian,
has been on a high carb diet since he could chew.
This kid, loves his carbs. 
Yesterday he asked Yolanda (my mother-in-law)
to buy him some pop tarts.
Now that she's becoming more healthy conscience, 
she refused to buy him pop tarts from a box
with all those scary ingredients.
But since she's such a cool mom, 
she provided pop tarts in another way,
I would have never thought to do this.
Christian loved them!

Oh my pop tart, you look so delicious!
And they were even good without frosting!
I would be tempted to smear some on mine.

Here are Yolanda's tips!

I watched this video to give me an idea on how 
I needed the dough to look like (I’m a visual person). 

It’s very important to make the dough flaky and 
add the water (ice water) slowly to create that flakiness.
I cut the vegan butter into small pieces and 
used a fork for the entire process. 
I also used her method of 
refrigerating the dough for an hour. 
Then I prepared the pop tarts and 
placed them back in the refrigerator for another 2 hours 
(the coldness is important for perfect pop tarts. 
I did sprinkle them with sugar and I created the wash (egg and water). 
You can make the wash into a glaze as the recipe (vegan) called for though. 

They were super good. 
You can make them and refrigerate up to 2 weeks. 
Making them is was easy, 
but you need to refrigerate for the time listed above. 
I used the best of both recipes. 
You will like them! 

Click here for the Vegan Pop Tart Recipe

So she used the video for reference,
the vegan recipe,
and the egg and water glaze,
but feel free to use the vegan glaze! 

These look so good! 
I can't wait to make them with the girls
 when they are a little older.
They look easy,
just lots of planning with the refrigerating process.
I like that they can be frozen for weeks and baked later!

Thanks Yolanda for sharing your yummy find! 


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