Thursday, July 28, 2011

New York

A couple months back, 
we took a quick trip without the girls 
to New York City for a family wedding.
Now when I say "quick trip"
I'm talking two and a half days.
No point in trying to sight see.
Since we both had already been there 
we had two priorities:
 good food and art.

Here are some things we shoved 
into our very limited time.
New York I love you!

New York Trip

We landed after midnight.
Everything was closed and we were starving 
after all that traveling on foodless airplanes.
The next morning we woke up famished!
and we loved it so much, we went back a couple days later!

I had the vegan quiche which is layers 
of incredibly delicious veggies on buckwheat crust, 
and my breakfast came with a dark green huge salad! 
It was so nourishing after not eating for so long. 
Daniel's favorite was a plate of two hard boiled eggs with fresh baked bread. 
We also had a chia seed muffin which I'm dying to make a home.

We need to get back to this place.
Last time we were in Old Town Pasadena we saw one there.
We'll be finding a way to get there soon!

I love running into my friends in the city.
St. Francis looking lovely in the neighborhood. 

I really wanted to see Atlas.
He made a huge impression on me in
a movie where Gregory Peck takes on the Anti-Seminists. 
Sigh, we love Gregory Peck. 

Daniel totally confused in Grand Central Station.
This is his "Thinking Really Really Hard" face. 

Central Park is empty when it rains!
I've been in love with Central Park since elementary school 
when I read about it in my history books, 
and then in It's Like this Cat. 

The Natural History Museum is free after 4:00.
Love that. 

Alright enough of that, 
down to business.
Did you know that the best donut ever is 
baked, dairy and sugar-free!
No, no, there is nothing better than this.

Okay wait, 
the cinnamon roll. 
It can get better! 
My mouth is watering.... 

Little Italy.
On our way to a local craft fair.

Candle 79 is a must when in NYC.
I blogged about it before.

I've always loved this picture!
I was kind of nerd status excited to see it. 

Modern Art rocks!

Then we went back home, and it was like we never left.
It was so great to see our little girls! 


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