Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies and My New Favorite Summer Meal

Today I sat on the couch and ate three of these Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.
This is a rare occurrence for me, which is why I enjoyed it so much.
These cookies are good.

They are from the Babycakes cookbook so they are gluten and dairy free.
Click here to read about my past post on gluten free baking and why we love it.
Gluten free baking includes some strange ingredients. 
Here are the ones for this recipe:

Bob's Red Mill All Purpose Gluten Free Flour:
I love this stuff, it's a great blend of different types of G.F. flours. 

Bob's Red Mill Xantham Gum:
Made out of the sticky substance from plants, 
it helps to bind the flours together.

Flaxseed Meal:
This stuff is so good for you. 
If you are pregnant, you definitely should find a way to
 get a tablespoon of this stuff into your daily life 
(by way of shakes, on cereal, or oatmeal) 
it is important brain food for your growing baby.

Baking Tips: Feel free to replace canola oil for the coconut oil.
I actually make the batter into large tablespoons
instead of teaspoons before putting them into the oven.
It makes for a larger, chewier cookie.

Here is the recipe from Goop.
I first learned about Babycakes NYC 
from Goop and fell instantly in love.
Those cookies have loved me back 
since they have zero white flour and saturated fat! 
What, what?! Rock on Babycakes.


I absolutely had to share tonight's dinner with you.
For the past couple weeks, 
I've had my parents over every night for dinner
because I want to lower my dad's cholesterol.
We've been eating very yummy healthy meals. 
Lots of whole grains, bean proteins and a big variety of veggies.
Tonight we had what I call a "Love Life" dinner. 
Still 100% cholesterol free, but totally delicious.

Panzanella (I omitted the anchovies) from My Father's Daughter
Creamy Zucchini Soup from Vegan Family Meals steamed arugula,
served with my favorite glass of Riesling.
Of course we ended with Double Chocolate Chip Cookies! 
So delicious! Great way to enjoy the summer veggies. 

Yum! All that EVOO on the bread and roasted bell peppers! 
Great flavor combo with the vino and soup! 

Yes...that's my wedding ring. 
I was so anxious to eat all this yummy food 
I didn't dry my wet hands completely.
Can't stand water in between my finger and my ring. 

Mi Familia

My two-year-old built this and told me it was a "T"!
I know, she's a genius. 

Not only do I get to hang out with these people, 
but I get to live with them too!

She grew two teeth on her upper right side. 
Haha, kind of funny looking.

Go love the ones you love and go crazy cooking up some great summer dishes!

Live it up, 


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what a delicious and cute post!! ;) following you girl.

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So fun that you made the panzanella! Isn't is delicious?! :)

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