Friday, July 8, 2011

No Bake Desserts: Chocolate Covered Bananas

I've been having a strong craving lately
for chocolate covered bananas.
Which is strange,
because I don't think I've ever had one in my life.
Well, now I can say that I have,
and they didn't let me down!

I'm really loving this desert 'cause it really isn't that bad for you.
Who says desert and bad need to be synonyms? 
Bananas, nuts? All good ingredients made by earth itself.
I know there are lots of articles out 
about how chocolate isn't good for you,
but I choose to ignore them completely.
It's not like I eat a ton of it.
And what is life without chocolate? 

I referenced Ellie Krieger's Chocolate Covered Banana Pops.
Here is my version:

Peel bananas and cut in half.
Stick popsicle sticks into each one.
Place on top of parchment paper, 
cover with plastic wrap and stick in freezer.

I only put them in for about an hour.
I have sensitive teeth, so I wanted them chilled, 
not hard and frozen. 

We don't have a double broiler,
so I put chocolate chips in the microwave,
heated them for one minute, stirred them,
and repeated till I got the desired consistency.
Once it's melted you got to work fast 
'cause the chocolate will harden back up pretty quickly.

Chop the toppings of your choice.
For us it was graham crackers and almonds. Yum! 

Roll your banana in that melted chocolate.
Oh, melted chocolate, we love you. 

Roll the chocolate covered banana into toppings.

Here, Daniel is asking if we have sprinkles. 
Sorry, I wished we had them too.
But they were still delicious! 
Daniel took the time in between bites 
to tell me that they were good! 

Quick, inexpensive, sweet treat!

I can't wait to give my toddler one tomorrow
after our day trip we have planned! 
Loving summer with our family of four!

Here are two of the four.
Monique is wearing the 
"I just woke up, why would you stick me in this wagon"
look on her.

And here she is today, 
ready to head over to the pool.
Oh child! Stop melting my heart like 
that microwave melted the chocolate.

Enjoy your weekend you all! 


anakohler said...

These look delicious! Thanks for posting it!

As far as double broilers go, you can save a ton of money on not buying a fancy one and just put a heat-proof bowl over a pan of boiling water, and voila, you have double broiler. It took me years to figure this out, so I figured I'd pass it on. (The microwave works great, too!)

I'll definitely be making these soon!

Arisa and Daniel said...

Thanks for the tip! I tried it once, but I used a glass bowl that I think was too think. So yes, next time I'll make sure and use a heat-proof one!

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