Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tasty Tosatdas (aka: The Healthest Tostadas you'll ever eat)

I hesitated posting this because they look so darn healthy,
(and I know how deep down in your heart you all want nothing to do with healthy)
but these were so crazy good, I couldn't resist sharing.

If you're looking for something light and super filling turn to these Tostadas.
Don't judge them by their apperance or ingredients.
They are super delicious!

Here is my version:

I made mine with Ezekiel tortillas,
which can be really yummy when eaten in the right context.

I also used Adzuki beans. What? What's that? 
If your like me and grew up with the pinto claiming the spot of exclusive bean in your life, 
then you've probably never heard of Adzuki beans. 
It's good to switch beans up a bit 
since each one lends a different variety of nutrients. 
Anything with great color is going to be healthier
I love the color of Adzuki beans! And I love saying Adzuki. 

This recipe calls for the tortilla to be heated up on a burner. 
I'm sorry, I come from the land of the crunchy tortilla with my tostada. 
So I crisped mine in a pan with a little olive oil until bubbly, 
then flipped over and repeated.

Sauté carrots, corn and onion with a little olive oil and salt till onion is translucent. 
I only had frozen corn. 
The sweet corn really made this dish oh so yummy. 
They called for the onion to be half moon slices, 
but I made them smaller so they would be easier to eat. 
But I don't think I cooked them long enough. Whoops! 
Onions need to be nice and soft. Not even a tiny bit crunchy.  

Get that crunchy tostada,
spread a layer of beans and lightly smash them with a fork,
layer on sautéed veggies,
chopped cucumber,
alfalfa sprouts
and sliced avocado.
Oh my gosh, So Yummy!
This is the perfect thing to eat after being out in the heat, 
swimming your heart out with babies and 
hustling your kids to bed.

BUT this dish looks stupid healthy. 
And Daniel was less than enthused to eat it.

But it was good! Success! He gave it a 4 out of 5! 
You know why? 'Cause these tostadas ROCK! 
And yes, we only needed one each to satisfy us. 

Yummy crunch. 

Ate it all up! And enjoyed it. 
He had to make a face when I took this picture.
Other than his faces, he's just about perfect. 
Just about.
Just don't ask my mom for verification. 
Or his mom. 

Rock on people,


anakohler said...

These look delicious! Thanks for sharing so many yummy looking recipes, I'm loving your blog!

Arisa and Daniel said...

Thank you! Yes, you must try this dish! I was thinking about doing it today with just shredded lettuce since I don't have alfalfa sprouts. Hoping it tastes just as good!

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