Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How I Got My Babies To Sleep Through the Night

The other night we had an off night, 
and both the girls woke up at one in the morning.
This is not normal for our house.
Our girls sleep from 7:00 to 6:30 every night, no problem.

But life wasn't always this ideal.
Our oldest, Thérèse, was very anti- sleep as an infant.
She wouldn't nap and wouldn't sleep more than four hours at a time.
The only time she'd fall asleep would be when I was nursing her, 
and it wouldn't be a deep sleep, so anytime I put her down she'd wake up.
What a nightmare! I was sleep deprived and angry. 
By her fourth month, I'd had enough.

The Books that Saved Us

We used the "cry it out" method and it is the only way 
we could get her on a schedule and all of us sleeping and happy again.
This is the book we used: Baby Wise 

I felt like a terrible person for making her cry it out, 
but only good came from it. 
She started sleeping, we started sleeping too 
and I no longer wanted to kill everyone in the world.
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child follows the same principals 
but it's a little more laid back.

Cutting the Teething Pain

Ah...and then comes the teething.
It doesn't matter if your child knows how to sleep through the night or not,
when they are teething, they will wake up.
I don't believe in giving my babies medicine unless they have a fever,
and homeopathic teething tablets wear off after a while. 
My husband's Aunt Alicia told us about Gripe Water.
I trusted her judgement because she is also into natural remedies.
She has a great blog about her cool finds and bargains in San Francisco.
She also her her degree in Psychology and is a family therapist,
 so she has lots of great child rearing tips, 
like how to prep your child for the first dentist trip. 

When I know their teeth are bothering them,
I give them a teaspoon of Gripe Water at night.
This right here, is the key to Mama and baby happiness.

I realize every parent and baby 
relationship is different,
but this is what worked for us, 
and we couldn't have survived without it.
My second born rocked sleep. 
She taught herself to sleep through the night without a problem.
But for Thérèse, I'm grateful to have gone through this route.

My Toddler Putting Baby to Sleep

My two-year-old made this demonstration video.
This is how she gets one of her four babies to sleep. 
She nurses her baby in the football hold. 
I never do that. And no, I don't sing that song. 

Happy Sleeping!


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