Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vegan Macaroni and Cheese

Growing up, I could have lived off of cheese
Especially in the form of Mac 'n Cheese which highlights cheese at it's peak. Now that I'm vegan, I'm always trying different Mac 'n Cheese recipes to meet my occasional craving. After several different tries, the search is over! 
I have a new favorite that is totally satisfying and delicious. 

First, I'd like to introduce you to the star of the show Daiya, 
a new vegan cheese on the market,
which has taken the vegan world by storm. 
This stuff is really amazing. Soy-free and it doesn't have a long list of strange ingredients.
It melts like cheese and will kick any cheese cravings butt. 
Sigh, I'm in love. Thank you Daiya, for killing my dairy fetish. 

It wouldn't be a proper Mac 'n Cheese if it wasn't covered in bread crumbs before sticking it into the oven. Favorite part next to the cheese. 

Gooey and creamy, just what mac 'n cheese is all about. My husband loved it too.

I found this recipe to be surprisingly simple. It helps that Daiya packages the cheese pre-shredded.

For a crazy super short paragraph on 
why we opt for vegan mac 'n cheese
 instead of using typical dairy, click here and scroll to 15. 


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