Saturday, June 18, 2011

Date Night

I am a firm believer that high schoolers and single people are not the only ones who should be allowed to enjoy regular date night. Married couples need a date night too! Especially if you have kids or buns in the oven. Here is what we did last night:
Last week we bought some tickets on Fandango. They were having a special, two tickets for $9!! Couldn't pass it up. 
We went to an early showing since I wanted to go to bed early for our early wake up call. Thank goodness we did, our toddler woke up at 5:45 this morning! 

We saw Midnight in Paris. I've never been interested enough to make it through a Woody Allen movie, but this is seriously my new favorite movie. I love: literature, the Roaring Twenties, art and ragtime and this movie has all of it! If you love the thought of enjoying all those perviously mentioned in Paris, Go See It! 

Afterward we went to an outdoor mall for dinner and as we were walking we saw....

Michael Costello from Project Runway! He was two feet in front of me. I don't usually get star stuck, but I was so taken by surprise that I suddenly felt waves of hot flashes and like I was going to collapse on the ground. It wasn't until my husband jerked me forward did I realize that I was standing there gawking like an idiot. 

Afterward, we went to The Yard House since we had a gift certificate from my parents. The Yard House  now offers Gardein! Gardein is awesome! Made with whole grains, it has the meat texture and tastes just like meat! I wish I had this stuff when I was trying to get off meat.  I eat it whenever I'm having a mad craving.

Not the best picture 'cause it's taken with our camera phone. I had Gardein beef sliders and Gardein bbq chicken salad. So yummy! Not everything is 100% vegan, but it's great for anyone trying to cut down on meat.

I paired it with a glass of Riesling. Best glass of wine I've had in a long time. Next In House Date Night we have, we are going to buy a bottle.

Hope you all make time to get out and enjoy your significant other!


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