Friday, June 10, 2011

Homemade Teething Biscuit

I love teething biscuits. It's the first food babies can feed themselves and the babies are so consumed by what they are nibbling on, it allows me some peace and quiet time, or just enough time to have an uninterrupted meal. 

With my first born, I bought her packaged teething biscuits. I'd cringe anytime I'd look at the ingredients. Even the organic ones contained a long list of unpronounceable words. She ate them since I didn't know what else to give her. And no, she didn't die, or break out in hives, or grow a third eye, but I'd rather not put a science experiment into my daughter's body. 

By the time Monique was ready for teething biscuits, I found this recipe on Weelicious. The best part about these biscuits is that they are sugar-free! Woo Hoo!! And the crowd goes wild! Instead, they are sweetened with Molasses. 

Molasses is a great sugar substitute because it won't spike up blood sugar levels and it is naturally high in iron. Way to go Molasses! 

Make it Vegan: I now have made this recipe my own. I substitute two tablespoons coconut oil in place of the egg, since I felt the egg made the biscuit stink. Literally. I use garbanzo and fava bean flour instead of soy flour 'cause it's already in my pantry. I also use safflower oil instead of vegetable oil, because it's healthier and that's what I have, and I will use any milk replacer I have in the fridge (such as almond or hemp milk). 

Both my girls go crazy over these biscuits. It makes me happy to know what I'm feeding them. All good stuff! 

Here is Monique eating a biscuit for the first time.

Look at those cute pudgy hands! 

They always finish off the biscuit with a nice big mess. 

Now she has them everyday for breakfast. Great way to start the day.

Store them in an air tight container in the fridge for up to a week. 

Hope the babies in your life love these too! 


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