Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Healthy Rice Crispy Treats

I want to share with you one of my #1 favorite snacks, Crispy Peanut Butter Treats. This is a great pick-me-up when I need something quick to eat. It's perfect to travel with and a real crowd pleaser. I made this for a play group and for my daughter's second birthday and everyone loved them. Marshmallows? What? These taste delicious without them!  

Please meet the star ingredient Mr. Brown Rice Syrup. 

Of all the sugar substitutes, Brown Rice Syrup is my absolute favorite. I love the sweet taste and it enters into your bloodstream very slowly, not causing it to spike up and make you crash later. I love this stuff! And I'll be including it in more recipes later. 

To make the crispy treats, you first need to melt the brown rice syrup since it's a little think. Once it gets back to room temperature, it's going to harden up and bind all the ingredients together. 
I play with the brown rice syrup measurements a lot. Sometimes I'll put in less than what the recipe calls for so the crispy treats will be less hard and more gooey. Yum. 

Stir in the nut butter of your choice. I put in almond butter this time, but for better flavor use peanut butter. 

Get out your rice crispy cereal. You can find lots of healthy ones with basic ingredients (brown rice, salt, that's it) at your health food store. 

Stir the syrup and peanut butter into your cereal. 
Here is my daughter helping me when she was about eighteen months old. She's always been anxious to help me out in the kitchen and I love our Mommy/Daughter time. 

That was her "cheese" smile.

I add both raisins and chocolate chips since I want the nutrients for the raisins and I can't pass up chocolate. 

Then press it into a dish or Tupperware container. I halfed the recipe since it tastes better when eaten within a few days and there are only three of us. 
Helping me out in the kitchen is her excuse to start munching! Here she flipped the cookbook to peanut butter cups. I'll be sharing those soon! They are so good and perfect for summer 'cause you don't need to put on the oven to make them. 

                         Hope you all are enjoying your week!  


Heather04 said...

Tried this out on Saturday, and halved the recipe as it's just for me. Wow, I really loved it. I used Organic Crispy Brown rice (1/2 box) and Organic Brown Rice syrup - I found the one you have a picture of here. I put in a few choc chips, but ended up not liking it with the chips (surprised me!). The treat was just sweet enough from the syrup alone. I will definitely be making this more often as my go-to for the sweet cravings. Thanks! And, by the way, I love how you put pictures of the special ingredients or methods you use - it's very helpful to a newer cook like me.

Heather04 said...

Oops, forgot - I did put a bit of peanut butter in too, just not the full serving (kinda guestimated it). :)

Arisa and Daniel said...

Glad you liked it! It's kind of cool that you like it without the chocolate chips. Much healthier without them! I agree, perfect way to fulfill a sweet craving.

When I first started eating like this, these new strange ingredients terrified me! So I try to make it as easy as I can for others trying to eat healthy. Glad it helps!

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