Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Two Year Old

Auntie Lola gave Thérèse a pink striped bikini, and she rocks it. 
This is the face she made when I took out the camera. She's saying "cheese" believe it or not. 
When she was born, my first thought when I saw her was, 
"I didn't know I was going to give birth to a beaver". 
Two years later and she still has the look. 

She broke out dancing. No, there was no music. This girl just has an internal beat! 
And some killer dance moves to go with it.

I have two rules: 
1) Everyday Thérèse must do something with her hands (paint, color or play-dough)
2) She has to play outside

It's been about 110℉ over here, which means every evening we head out to the pool. 

Here she is taking a dive!

Yesterday I started my rice cooker before we left the house. I'm always so incredibly proud of myself when I think ahead. When we came home, all I had to do was roll the rice in nori with veggies to make sushi. So easy. Thérèse loves sushi, but I don't roll it up for her so it's easier for her to eat. 

Deconstructed Veggie Sushi: Long grain brown rice mixed with brown rice vinegar and salt, carrot sticks, chopped cucumber, avocado slices and nori strips. She loves this! Just has a hard time with the cucumbers. 

After all that swimming she requested a shake too. Blueberries with two leaves of lettuce, almond butter, apple juice and water. With no bananas it's really liquidy so its easier for her to drink through her sippy cup and very hydrating. But I wouldn't touch that stuff! She drank it all up! 


jennru said...

She's the cutest little dancing/diving beaver I've ever seen!!!

Daniel and Arisa said...

Haha! Thanks Jenny! As far as beavers go, we think so too.

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