Tuesday, August 9, 2011

San Francisco Part II

When we went to San Francisco
Daniel's aunt took us to 
a second hand store called Chloe's Closet.
I'm in love!
Everything was super cheap and in great shape. 
We found some great finds 
including a much needed pair of pants for Thérèse
(we are from the dessert, we don't own pants).
$5 for pants that fit perfectly,
and a more than complete doctor kit for $7,
love it.

How cute is this swim suit?

They had lots of books, toys and clothes.
It was scary how much Monique loved looking through those racks of clothes. 

We went to Mission Pie
They always have a vegan pie on their menu.
It was crazy good!
I especially loved the crust.

We hit up the zoo as well.
Unfortunately we never made it to the children's area 
because our girls pooped out.
It was really cool getting there early to watch the animals during feeding time.

Thérèse was in love...and terrified of this elephant.
I love how she is looking at it and screaming.

Golden Gate park has a fantastic children's park. 
They had a carousel, lots of jungle gyms and a mud area. 
We were wishing we lived walking distance away.

I'm having a hard time deciding if vacation is making me gain weight, or lose weight.
Between all the peanut butter cups, swimming, cinnamon rolls, pickle ball playing, cookies, running...
it's a toss up.
I'll worry about it when vacation is over. 


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