Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Taco Tuesday

I made this fish taco recipe
but instead of using fish,
I fried avocado.
What?! Shut-up!
I know. 
Let me tell you,
it was amazing.
The texture was perfect 
and the flavor was fantastic!
Talk about delicious.

I just replaced two avocados for the fish 
and I eliminated the guacamole.
I loved the flavor of the lime from the Lime Crema,
and Pico de Gallo.
Because I'm not a big fan of raw cabbage,
I used lettuce instead.
I also didn't have much lime,
so I used lemon instead.

Look at that fried avocado!
Make sure your avocados are slightly ripe.
Too mushy and they won't work.

Salted lettuce, lime crema, and pico de gallo.
I made the lime crema and pico de gallo
in the afternoon and stored it in the fridge till dinner time.
I love making dinner prep easier. 
Plus it allows the flavors to set. 

Makes for one fabulous taco!

Delicious! This is a new family staple in our home. 


Anonymous said...

Hi there this is another good one to try...BTW what is Lime Creme

Anonymous said...

Another question did you follow the batter recipe to the "t" or did you make up your own.

Arisa and Daniel said...

Hey! The lime cream is a recipe included in the link. I did follow the recipes to the "t" except that I replaced lemon for lime since my limes had very little juice. Don't get intimidated by all the different recipes for simple tacos. They were totally easy.

The Garcia's said...

Making these tonight! Wish me luck!!! My boyfriend recently turned vegetarian and both of our fams are totally your typical mexican "carne y papas with tortillas" for dinner kind of family's! I totally want to join him so I am trying to ease into it with tastes that are familiar to our daughter and me! This looks perfect! I will let you know how they turn out!

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