Friday, August 5, 2011

San Francisco

Sorry for my leave of absence. We have been vacationing!
It came in due time! 

First we stopped off at Avila Beach.
Beautiful perfect weather!

Then we went to San Francisco. 
I always forget how cold it is here.
Thérèse trying to stay warm and looking at the sea otters at the pier. 

Daniel's aunt got us tickets to the aquarium.
If you get there early, you can just do street parking
since it only takes about an hour to get through the aquarium.

They have a very cool tunnel to walk through 
to get a great view of the fish.

They also have a petting area.

Then we went to the Coit Tower to have a picnic lunch with a great view!

Hope you all are enjoying your summer as well.
I'll be posting more now that we've "slowed down" a bit. 


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