Monday, August 8, 2011

How I Get Through My Day

Yummy Treats:

If you have not made a vegan dessert yet,
go to your store and buy vegan butter, almond milk
and make these Mini Cinnabuns!

I've made these before and they are so good!
The best part is they are fast.
So you can have your craving and bam!
Thirty minutes later you can be indulging. 
So good, so easy, incredibly yummy, win, win, win.

Free Day at Children's Discovery Museum

When we went to San Francisco,
I really wanted to visit the Bay Area Discovery Museum.
My daughter had never been to a children's museum
and I knew we'd be in town for their free day.
The museum has a free day every first Wednesday. Score!
We got there early, and it really wasn't too packed.
The girls had so much fun!

They had a Curious George exhibit
which my daughter loved.
All the activities were super fun and interactive.

I can't wait to go back when my ten month old 
is able to run around and play as well.
She's going to be my crazy one!
She loved playing with what she could and watching the other kids.

The museum had this fantastic view! 
Love it!


On our trip, we tried to make our own food 
as much as possible to save money.
We did it so much, I thought I'd never be able to look 
at another sandwich again without feeling sick.
But we still wanted to make our own food.
So Daniel's aunt suggested we make tortas.
Tortas are a Mexican sandwich. 
And while it's still a sandwich, 
I could totally eat it and enjoy it 
because it's totally different from a typical American sandwich.

Tortas are made out of  Bolillos, 
which is like crusty french bread.
Daniel's aunt bought us rice and beans 
from a Mexican market near her home.
They were so delicious!!
We made our tortas out of the rice, beans, 
and we added avocado.
It was so good! The rice and beans had so much flavor 
and the avocado added the perfect creaminess.
A nice change of pace.

Thérèse after the children's museum.
I couldn't believe how much she was eating!
That place really made her hungry...
and just a little tired.
She woke up chewing.
Apparently she fell asleep with a bit in her mouth.

Alone Time

Family vacation equals zero alone time and lots of exhaustion.
Taking three deep, long breaths has really helped me refuel and relax.
I only make it to three deep breaths,
because by the end of breath number three,
someone is calling my name.
Deep breathing, you save me every time.


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