Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Easy Macrobiotic Family Meal

I miss you people! 
I've been so busy with school
I haven't had a chance to blog 
about all the great food I've been chowing down on.

Monday night I was beat! I've been doing about eight hours of homework a day,
and between that, toddlers and life, I was exhasted.
I came home from picking up my daughter from a play date 
after my four hour class, and I felt awful.
My hubby made this amazing dinner for me and it was just what I needed. 
Very medicinal and restored my body.
I followed it up with vegan chocolate cake of course.

Here is what we ate:

- Adzuki beans (leftover from Tasty Tostadas)
- Arame with Carrots and Onions from The Kind Diet
-Fried Rice with Kale and Scallions from My Father's Daughter.
Everyone in my family ate this, everyone.
Including my one and two year old. 
I think this is toddler friendly food because it is loaded with flavor,
but macrobiotic flavor is very subtle
so they can easily eat it.

The Brown Rice Dish is easily my favorite rice dish.
So good!
As you know, I'm learning to appreciate sea vegetables.
Thankfully, Daniel accidentally added 
way too much soy sauce to the Arame with Carrots
so I couldn't even taste it! Love it! 
It makes me so proud when my family eats this food. 
I can already see their bones strengthening and their skin brightening.

And lastly, we must reward ourselves with a healthy chocolate cake.
I made it with my toddler over the weekend.
Baking is one of our favorite things to do together,
so I make time for it.
We added strawberry jam over the frosting for the middle filling.
Totally delicious!
You can get this gluten-free, sugar and dairy-free cake recipe here.
A while back, one of my readers ask if I'd share what is in my pantry.
I hope to share this with you this upcoming week!

Until then, if you want a good ghost story
read Turn of the Screw,
a story I just read for class.
Or IS it a ghost story?
Dun dun DUN!

Can you tell I've been spending way too much time doing homework?
Turning slightly geeky.


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