Thursday, October 20, 2011

How I Get Through My Day

Oh good people of the blogging world,
how I miss you, 
and the simple life I had when I was able to blog.
I'm dealing with midterms in school right now. 
Which is....okay, I'm not going to lie, 
I actually kind of like school. 
I enjoy my major (English Lit) 
and I totally am in love with my professors.
Not totally down with the craziness of school and babies though.
And we are commuting for my classes which is super hard.

Take your own Lunch:
The Cheaper Healthier Option

I always take my own lunches and snacks to class with me.
Daniel will make dinner, clean the kitchen, 
and sit down with a sigh after a long day of running the house with the babies.
Then I'll get in the kitchen to make my lunch for the next day while I hear him exclaiming,
"Your always cooking! You have to take wraps, sushi....",
and it's totally true.
Hey, if I'm going to spend six hours on campus
sitting in uncomfortable seats, and watching everyone else eat fast food
I want to treat myself with some good food.
GOOD food. Food that is going to 
fill me, nourish me and make me excited to be alive.

I'm going to share one with you.
It isn't by any means a meal you sit down to, and think about the amazing flavors.
But I loved it today. 
With the built up stress of homework, essays, midterms, potty training,
I've been doing daily cardio and intense yoga. I'm finally intermediate! Yay!
So today I did an hour of exercise, showered, and rushed off to school.
After my first class this tempeh salad was perfect.

Tempeh is a food for atheletes. 
It's loaded with protein.
We try to have it once a week.

You can pick it up at Trader Joe's (Their brand is in an orange package)
or any health food store.
It's usually in the fridge section with the tofu.

Tempeh Salad

1) Unwrap tempeh from package and steam for twenty minutes.
Remove tempeh from heat and cool completely.

2) This is a salad. So go crazy with the veggies!
I used the leftover veggies that were in our fridge.
Here are some options:

- 1 chopped carrot
- 1 chopped celery
- 3 chopped radish
- 1 minced green onion
- 1/4 cup frozen peas
- 1/4 cup frozen corn
- 1 tablespoon minced parsley

3) Mix in: 

1/4 cup veganaise
a dash of umboshi plum vinegar (optional)
a teaspoon mustard 

I made this salad Monday night.
Got to plan ahead when you take your own meals!

Lunch #1 

Tuesday I had it in two wraps with lettuce in Ezekiel tortillas. 
I love these hearty tortillas.
They are packed with fiber.

Lunch #2

Today I had these with the most scrumptious crackers.
My in-laws had them in their cupboard.
Trader Joe's Multigrain Crackers.
Really yummy.

This meal is super colorful and rejuvenating. 
I highly recommend it for busy, active people.

Stretch it Out

For me, doing yoga is the equivalent of getting a massage.
I feel so great after a work out!
Here is my new favorite. 
My body gets a complete stretch.

Indulge in Stories of Hope:

This month is Domestic Violence Abuse Month.
A friend of mine recently lost her best friend to domestic violence abuse.
You can go to Natalie's blog to read her whole story.
Anytime she mentions it in her blog I just burst into tears
because she is so honest about her suffering and 
hopeful about the reason for this suffering.
Please pray for an end to domestic violence
(they recently legalized it in Kansas)
and pray for Shannon's two beautiful babies.

On that note, I'm very happy with my babies
(and the messes they make)
and our happy (stressful) home.

Talk to you soon!


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