Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sweet Potato & Pecan Cinnamon Buns with Maple Glaze

Hey good people of the Blogging world!
I really should be doing homework right now,
but I absolutely had to share this recipe with you all.

It's Autumn! Time to get our fall foods on!
Which include sweet potatoes and cinnamon rolls,
put them together, and you get perfection.
My mother-in-law made these a couple days ago.
I finally made it to their house today to devour not one,
oh no, but two.
They made me do a little dance and be excited about life.

Oh! Don't they look good!

She made them with whole wheat flour and they still rocked. 
They also call for vegan cream cheese, 
which turns the frosting into paradise. 
There are lots of brands out there
and major grocery stores are starting to carry them.
Very cool.

You can find the recipe here.

Alright! Back to homework!

Love you all,


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Clare said...

Hi Arisa, they look delicious! Especially nice for this time of year. Really like your blog - lots of lovely recipes I'd like to try!


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