Saturday, October 29, 2011

Family is All I Need

Recently I had a follower email me requesting
a prenatal vitamin recommendation.
New Chapter, baby!
They make the best vitamins.
I've been taking them for three years since I've been 
pregnant then nursing, then pregnant then nursing.
I love them.
Other vitamins made me nauseous. 
These are small and are taken three times a day.
When I first had to get into the habit of taking a vitamin three times a day
I would make checks on my calendar so I could keep track.

I also take their Vitamin B since I don't eat meat!
It is so important to take vitamins since our soil is so depleted.
You can get them inexpensively online from

Time with My Girls!

My past couple weeks have been terrible! 
I've been so stressed and busy with midterms and events.
Now that they are all over with,
I set yesterday aside to do nothing but spend time with my family.
Of course, for a Mother,
"Nothing" mean doing three loads of laundry,
scrubbing both bathrooms,
and making three means from scratch,
It was such a great relaxing, memorable day. 
A perfect day for me includes 
working in the kitchen with my toddler!

on Natalie's blog and I had to make them with my girls.  
I consider this a great treat because it really isn't bad.
Well chocolate, yes.
I only think about the good qualities of chocolate when I'm eating it though.
Of course I eliminated the shortening,
I used canola oil instead.
We used raisins as eyes instead of sprinkles,
and I didn't use the reese's pieces.
But other than that, come on,
crackers, pretzels, peanut butter...sounds like a perfect snack to me.
Plus singing the itsy bitsy spider is an essential part of our day.
We are major fans of the guy. 
These were so fun to make together.

Thérèse dipping the crackers into the chocolate.

Working very hard to get that chocolate spread on.

Putting on the eyes.

Pretzels dipped in chocolate.
Her art. 

AH! Spiders. Yes I want one! 
As I was eating mine,
I felt like I was four.
After a week of midterms...
yes I want to feel four again. 

Stick them in the fridge so they can hold together.

Yesterday we also loaded the girls into the trailer 
and road our bides to the park.
So fun!

Monique is my energetic one!
I don't know if she'll ever sit still enough to cook with me in the kitchen.

The other day we carved pumpkins.
I was stunned that when we were finished,
they looked like our personality.

On the left, we have my brother-in-law,
who is always making THAT face when he can't believe 
he is eating yet another vegan meal.
HAha. (Btw: He secretly loves being vegan).
The middle is me, I'm the stressed/uptight/annoyed one.
At the right, my husband.
Enough said. 
I think you can understand his personality just by looking at that thing.
Too happy about life. 


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