Monday, October 17, 2011

Wall Art

Wall Art is taking creativity to a whole other level. 
Hmm, I wonder why, maybe my the size of the art piece.
It catches the eye and creates drama in a way other pieces of art miss. 

Wall Art and Street Art are the thing now. 
Since I found the video below, I knew that I wanted to paint, 
use mixed media, and spray paint a big piece of art. 

Amazing and inspiring but the only problem with this method of creativity, 
is the temporariness of the piece of work.
I would want to preserve it, just in case we ever moved or got tired of the space. 
My cousin and I were talking about this the other day. 
How cool would it be to have a big piece of canvas that you could draw, paint, whatever. 
This got me thinking into various ways to create a canvas,
other than just using a wall.

Today, I found a solution to the problem.
Taking household products I created my own cardboard canvas.

(I know its a poor paint job, but once the whole piece comes together it will look cool)

Items needed:

Masking Tape

You just need enough cardboard to the size desired.
Since I have been itching to do a wall art piece
I made my as big as a wall in our house.
After getting to desired size nail the cardboard to the wall.
I recommend nails to really support the cardboard,
once the cardboard gets painted it begins to lean forward from the weight.
Find those studs! Nail into a stud whenever possible.

After you have it up, its time to paint it whatever color you choose 
to be your background. 
I choose white since I had a spare bucket of it in the garage. 

D'awww look at my help! 

I will be sure to snap a picture of the finished outcome, 
whenever I am able to complete the whole piece. 
The cool thing about using cardboard isssss, it's cardboard
you can easily replace it or make another if needed to, anyways 
this is your art piece make it your own, create a canvas in the shape of 
a dinosaur, a tree, whatever! 

Have fun, I now I will!


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