Friday, October 7, 2011

Nature in your home

Not everyone is able to live in nature, as these people do
so in what ways can you add a touch of the natural 
in your own home? 

1). House plants - plants are a great way to liven up your home and at the same time 
create a healthier environment. 

         A Peace Lily Plant placed in your bathroom can 
                    help reduce mold by 60 percent. 

                     A Boston Fern Houseplant helps turn your dry air 
                   in your home just the same as a humidifier, by 
                                 releasing moisture into the air. 

       Spider plants provide healthier and more breathable air 
             into your home, pollutants in the air you breathe 
        can cause wheezing and headaches, if you suffer from 
                       any of these, this plant is for you. 

2.) Bring the outside in through Art

There are many websites offering posters or pictures with nature in them.
Or you can paint a room a more natural color.
Or you can create your own Art that has natural elements
as I did below.

In this artwork I created I took a clipart photo and created it to fit 
on a 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper. 
Then cut it out and went outside to pick some flowers from 
our Bugambilia plant, which has some pretty flowers

I used the middle flower to look like mini flowers, 
you can see a few along the ground outline. 

A cousin of our's (from Arisa's family) brought in a branch
and used that as a center focus in her living room.
And she has a house plant ;)

When we go on vacations we try to gather little remnants of our trip 
and stick them in jars to decorate our home. 
Here is a jar from when Arisa and I were dating. I was going to school in 
Santa Barbara so I sent her sea shells and sand from the beach we hung out at. 
This is a great way to incorporate nature and memories into your home decor. 

The summer is finally over out here so I hope to be able to post more 
since I can work outside now! 
Look forward to more posts from the toolshed side of this blog. 


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