Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie

This week I went back to school!
I'm excited to start, but horrified at my syllabi.
 I'm a literature major, so yes, heavy reading.
So now I have one more reason to be busier.

But so far being busy hasn't stopped us 
from hitting up my husband's family parties.
His father comes from a family of ten kids,
and since most of those kids, had kids, and they had kids
and most of them still live in the same area,
there is usually some sort of fiesta every weekend.

I'm beginning to slowly get more and more comfortable
making vegan food for others.
So far everyone is really enjoying it.
This might partly be, because so far, everything I've made vegan
falls into the dessert category and is laced with sugar.
Daniel's cousin told me that he'd gladly come vegan dessert time.
Now that Daniel's family is getting into severe healthy eating
(they are eating less meat and dairy, 
and have to eat a pound of raw veggies, 
and a pound of cooked veggies everyday!)
to lose weight, I'll probably be taking more main courses.
Last night there was a going away party for an aunt,
and there were three veggie dishes!
I couldn't believe it.
Usually I'm only able to eat rice and beans at their parties.
I can hardly contain my excitement for their new diet.

I made these because they don't require a lot of special ingredients.
They call for vegan butter, which I happen to believe 
should already be in everyone's fridge,
and a milk replacer, which everyone 
should also have for cereal and baking. 
Instead of egg replacers these call for bananas,
which cause these cookies to taste bananay.
I have to say, for traditional chocolate chip cookies,
these wouldn't cut it.
But these are still really good.
My absolute favorite thing about these 
had to be the dough.
 It was perfect.
Vegan cookies can be dry or crumbly.
Not these.
Please make these this weekend and see for yourselves.
Next time I make these I'll probably double the chocolate chips.
I like my chocolate chip cookie covered in chocolate chips,
not three per cookie.

My toddler mixed the sugar and butter for me.
Wow, she did a fantastic job!
Got it all creamy.
Electric mixer, what? 
Get a toddler.

The recipe calls for white and wheat flour,
but I just stuck with white since it was for a get-together. 

I highly recommend pressing the cookies down before baking.
And ours took longer than ten minutes.
We just kept our eye on them till they got golden.

I went to the party with two dozen cookies and came back with none.
One cousin went so far as to seal some in a zip lock bag 
for himself before everyone else got to them.
Looking forward to my next batch so I can enjoy them. 


raina said...

Hi! I found your blog through the kind life. You and your family are so cute! There is an awesome blog called that is all veggie. She just came out with her first cookbook in July. If you haven't already, you should check it out. I seriously love it. I am not affiliated with her or the site whatsoever; I just appreciate when people introduce me to new veggie sites/books. Have a lovely day!

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