Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Creating Letters Out of Wood

I had made some letters for our first daughter, Therese, 
and now I will share the process through 
the letters I made for Monique's. 

First, to start I found a font I liked Monique's name in using Word 
which looked like this:
After finding a style, I then free hand drew out the letters in a larger print 

The M turned out to be problematic when cutting out of the wood,
I turned to drawing a more simple cursive M. 
After drawing out the letters, I cut them out to trace onto the wood. 

I used left over particle board, just to be thrifty, in the end 
I should have used a more durable wood. 
The particle board becomes very flimsy and I had a couple of 
instances where the letters snapped and I had to 
glue them back together using wood glue. 
I used a jigsaw to cut out the letters. 

With the first letters I made, I wrapped them with cloth. 
I tried to do the same this time around, but 
was unable to, I believe the cursive added an element that 
I was unable to overcome. 
So I decided to paint the letters and mount them on the wall. 
Before painting I recommend sanding down the rough edges, 
also this is where particle board was harder to work with
since they are very porous I had to put many coats of paint to 
make it look really nice. 

Next up, bringing nature into your home decorating. 


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