Thursday, September 8, 2011

21 Challange

PCRM, a website by vegan doctors,
 has a great 21-Day Vegan Challenge.
When you sign up
you receive daily emails guiding you how to eat 
and what to make throughout the day.

I realize that Oprah had a vegan challenge 
that lasted one week,
but I think 21 days is a better way to go.
When you give up meat and dairy
the first week you may be irritable fighting off cravings,
detoxing, cranky,
but by week two and three,
that is when vegan powers start to kick in.
Your body relaxes more and you'll 
probably start to loose weight.

The vegan challenge started Monday the 5th,
but it is never too late to join!
Go pick up almond milk for your breakfast cereal,
hummus for for lunch,
and a veggie burger for dinner and bam!
There is one day all set!

A few weeks ago I 'fessed up
that I can be a big fat cheating vegan.
I can't help it!
I'm terrified of commitment!
How am I married you say?
Mighty forces were at work on my wedding day.
No, for real. 
But that's another story for another time.
For now, I'm joining this challenge
 to free my body from traces of animal products
and to remind myself how great I can feel.

Let me know if you sign up!
I'd love to suffer with all of you!

Haha, we all know not much 
suffering will be going on.
Vegan food is delicious!
To read a great story about changing 
your taste bugs from steak to tofu
visit The Kind Life

Happy Eating,


sandra said...

I joined!

Caitlin said...

I just joined! And I loved the documentary Fork over Knife, it was so beneficial to watch with so much information.

Arisa and Daniel said...

Awesome! We can do this!

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