Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Dream of Rice Dream

Just wanted to give a shout out to my dinner.
For the past couple days 
I've really been fighting 
the urge to cheat, especially today
(Aunt Flow came to town).
So instead, I treated myself 
to some of my favorite vegan food.

After scrubbing the shower walls 
and running errands,
 I was too beat to make dinner.
So I stopped by Chipotle.
Big fat burritos are one of my 
favorite meals of all time.
So satisfying.
I love their veggie burrito.
All the toppings are delicious!

I've been incredibly tempted 
to make a nacho run today.
At Chipotle they make the best chips.
Crispy and sprinkled 
with about three layers of salt.
Thank you Chipotle,
that was just what I needed.

I haven't had dessert in such a long time.
I'm trying to get on the Macrobiotics Diet.
They don't eat much flour and sugar, those macros. 
I made couscous cake this week for "dessert" and to snack on.
Yes you read that right, couscous cake. 
It's good...yeah....
Covered with dried fruit and apple juice.
Those macros, man.
It really is delicious, my daughters love it,
but it's not something I could feast on. 
Sometimes it's hard for me to consider 
anything that is not covered in chocolate, good.

So tonight I treated myself to a Rice Dream.
You all have homework:
go to your local health food store 
and pick up a Rice Dream Ice Cream Bar.
You'll be able to give up ice cream after you have one of these.
I had the Vanilla Nutty Bar, 
which is dipped in chocolate and covered in nuts.
But I also love their Moca Pie, 
which is a cookie ice cream sandwich dipped in chocolate.
I especially love these because they use barley malt instead of sugar,
so they don't spike up my sugar levels. 

Tonight I'm watching 27 Dresses for the zillionth time.
I love this movie because Kevin reminds me so much of Daniel,
always goofing around and not taking much of anything seriously.
And he's always aggravating Katherine Heigl's character.
Daniel walks a fine line between making me down right crazy and making me laugh.
Plus, I love this actor. 
I mean, how great are his lips? 
Remember when he was in X-Men 
and he wore those glasses so we never saw his eyes?
We could only see his lips, which really, are all we needed to see.

I sound like someone who needs to get out more. 
Have a great weekend everyone! 


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