Monday, March 4, 2013

You mean that's a 'D' not a 'G'?

     It was my intention to post Disneyland pictures in the month of February since that is when we attended the place, but that never happened. Just like it was my plan to post my seeing Tony Bennett in January. OH MY GOODNESS! I SAW TONY BENNETT! This is my forth year working The Humana Challenge, a golf tournament in my hometown. I was so happy when I was asked to work the Opening Party. Bill Clinton introduced Tony Bennett (yes, as in former President!) Tony Bennett was amazing. Such a dream come true for me since he is the last of his kind. He is something like 87, and still managed to sing for nearly an hour and put on a great show. I was pretty much crying the whole time. Working that party was horrible/stressful, but Tony made up for it. It's still the highlight of the year for me. Although I did have a dream last month that I never actually saw him, but instead I saw a cover band! Talk about a nightmare! 

    Anyway, here are Disneyland pictures. We decided to go Superbowl Sunday in hopes of less crowds. There were definitely less people in the afternoon. We got great seats for the parade (a bench!) and also for the fireworks. We weren't going to stay up for the fireworks. The girls fell asleep in line for Peter Pan, so Daniel and I dropped them in the Stroller and had some very quiet alone time staring at Tom Sawyers Island and watching the lights in New Orleans Square. By evening there were no people. As we were walking through Downtown Disney on our way out, the girls woke up and decided they wanted another ride on the Carrousel. So we hopped on the Monorail and found ourselves back in the park. Glad we stayed because I haven't seen the fireworks in about ten years. Every time I do, I am always so amazed by Tinker Bell and wish I had her job. But I can't get on Dumbo without wanting to puke my brains out, so zip lining is out for me. That dream always gets kicked out fast. 

      This is a safe distance from the characters. The mice from Cinderella tried to go in for a hug and Thérèse screamed murder and booked it. She's good at multitasking that way. 

    Scared of the door too. Hey, at least I know they have an imagination. 

      Toon town is not scary. Toon town, is awesome.

I love how she is sticking her tongue out. On the back of the fire truck too. 


      The parade was a major highlight. 

        This is my favorite picture of the day. Monique was so amazed that she was seeing Simba, that she slipped into a trance and started waving both hands. She stopped, looked down at her hands, wondered how they got there, and just kept waving. She calls it her "Two Wave". 

       Op, that's mine. 

      At this point Daniel and I were thinking to ourselves, "We were almost to the did we end up back in this place?" I think Daniel jokingly said something about "YOLO" and all I could think was, "We are going to be paying for this Monday!"

       Best fireworks show ever! Sorry 4th of July Firworks. You ain't got nothing on Disney. See Tink? Overall, I don't like the girl and her attitude. But really life flying Tink...amazing. 

       I don't follow many blogs (I don't have the time to). For the past couple years I've been following Cute and Delicious run by Alix. I like to go to her space to see what childless married vegans who reside in L.A. are up to. She has great food photography. She and her husband just hosted a Wes Anderson party, which I wish I had crashed. While we were walking through New Orleans Square, I saw them! I muttered something incomprehensible, "Thosearethosepeople" and took off running after them. Good thing Thérèse is a great runner because I totally forgot I was holding her hand and she kept up great. I ran up to them and said, "Not to be a big weirdo creep, but I TOTALLY FOLLOW YOUR BLOG!!" Super awkward introductions were made and I was super happy and they were smiling but I didn't know what to say. I wish I had gotten my nerd out and asked them what they were eating on this fine day, but everything happened so fast and before I knew it, I had said "bye". Daniel, who had no idea what was going on, ran up behind us with Monique on his shoulders and I was just like, "THAT WAS AMAZING! WASN'T THAT SO COOL?!" He was actually expecting the couple to be like, "um...yeah...we are not who you think we are crazy lady" but the names and faces matched. I was on a high all day from running into them. 

     Speaking of eating in D-Land. We packed so much food we didn't need to eat till dinner time. My favorite spot is the Burger Place in Tomorrow Land. They have the most delicious roasted vegetable sandwich on ciabatta bread. I look forward to that sandwich every time we visit. The veggies are marinated in balsamic vinegar and are so juicy. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 



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