Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Girl Behind the Blog: Inner Foodie

Linking up today with Ashley and Chelsea for my first ever video blog. Never thought I would do a VLOG but when I saw the topic was Inner Foodie, I couldn't pass it up. Be a sweetie and ignore my mom hair (aka: disheveled poof). I love how I started playing with Athena's hair and made it a thousand times worst. (FYI: I laughed because I realized I have no idea what I am saying.) 

Here is a link to Babycakes NYC the girls that keep me sane and incredibly happy.

Also, here is my favorite recipe that I cannot live without. I could eat this every darn day and never grow tired of it. This dish is a must eat with udon noodles. It it serious comfort food. It's so nice to eat dark leafy green veggies and be seriously in love with what your eating. 

Going to be making freezer meals today! Tomorrow I will link up some new vegan freezer meals I make. 


Chelsea said...

You have a beautiful family! Ah, so glad you linked up. I've made vegetarian/vegan meals before but never made it a lifestyle. I'm excited to see your freezer meals!

Btw, Babycakes looks amazing!

Brittany GraceAnn said...

GAAAH! So good to hear your voice! LOVE this!!! I am going to a blogging conference in September... you should come with me!!!!! That would be AMAZING! I need to check out this BabyCakes NYC deal... especially if it is all g-free! That would be perf. XO

Anonymous said...

You are so adorable. I really need to be better about my crockpot- i feel like its hard to do with whole ingredients but I'm excited. glad you linked up girl!

Kerrie Williams said...

no dishes. That sounds like heaven. I do love spending time in the kitchen cooking, but I HATE the dishes. Also, your daughter is SO CUTE!

Nadine said...

Oh wow! That's impressive cutting out all of the meat. I'd miss it too much! I have got to get into my crock-pot more!

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