Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

Thursday I threw a meal in the crock pot, completed all our laundry (seven loads), took Valentine's Day photos, went for a run, put all my contacts in my new phone and made spinach artichoke dip for date night with my husband. NOT.

What I did do was realize I wasn't going to have time to throw ingredients into the crock pot, did one and a half loads of laundry, completed all the props for the photo shoot, took the photos, freaked out at how messy my house had become from neglecting it so I could have some creative time, forced the girls to clean up their toys (which is equivalent to asking them to cross a barren dessert without food, water or shelter), and crashed at 2pm. sit again....everyone took a nap at the same time! So I read 100 pages of Northanger Abby on my Nook. I really should have slept too, since my eye was twitching, but I can't sleep when I have to pee and I couldn't pee cause I was terrified I would wake up my girls. And thus is life.

Daniel came home shocked at how messy the house was. What? We just "cleaned" it. He vacuumed the house and then he finished, yes finished, the laundry.

Bonus: We went on a family walk and I got my run in. Let me just say that I started running and I'm basically a completely different person because of it. My energy levels are unstoppable. Better than coffee! Don't look at me like that, I mean it.

I also taught my girls what chocolate dipping is. They started chanting "Chocolate dipping chocolate dipping" before they even started eating it. They knew it was going to be amazing. They ate their tempeh tacos, red leaf lettuce and broccoli without a fuss. Always looking for easy fun deserts to reward them.

Okay, so I didn't tell them we had chocolate dipped left overs. I enjoyed them all day Friday. Perk of being THE MAMA.

Heavy handed chocolate dipped pretzels, pecans, bananas and strawberries. Living in Southern California means it is the beginning of strawberry season at farmers market!! Shut-up! What? Didn't the season just end in October? Yesssssss!

Here are some pics of our Valentine's Photos. This photo shoot taught me that when it comes to toddlers, you need one person to take the picture and one person to make them smile. Get that? IT TAKES TWO PEOPLE TO TAKE A PICTURE. 

This picture cracks me up. They are so not into the Valentine spirit. I just look at Thérèse and I think, tortured much? Athena has her hands on her hips like, really lady? This again? I ain't smiling.

Monkeys aside, I am very proud of my assembly. Total cost $3. For the cupcakes. Oh come on! You want me to put this shoot together, make the props, keep three people alive AND make the cupcakes? I think not. I justified the purchase by buying them at Trader Joes. So they can't be that bad...right?  

I had fun making all the props from recycled materials from around our home. I really love the look of the pink flower made with the two different shades of pink tissue paper. I would love to do more creative activities like this. 

Why is Monique holding her foot?

Oh, if you put infants on the grass, they will make this face. 


Grandma Mary said...

I LOVE these pics and the hilarious commentary! Great job Mom and Dad!

Brittany GraceAnn said...

ARISA! I love it when you blog. You're sense of humor cracks me up!!! this is great. feeling like i should do a photoshoot too.... mmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Brittany GraceAnn said...

YOUR! Lame.

Arisa and Daniel said...

Thank you mary and brittany! I love having you both catch up with me here!

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