Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Soup's Up!

Hey Y'all!

So I know I popped up, "Hey! I'm back!" and then, "Just kidding...Not back..." So this is the deal. My MacBook is dead. We are on a super tight budget so waiting to get it revived. But the main reason I'm often unable to blog, is because Daniel is working a full time job, part time job and attending graduate classes full time. Whew! I got winded just saying that. So I'm home alone with the girls all day everyday. We get Daniel Wednesday evening and night and all of Sunday. That's it! We miss him. Today's Wednesday so he's home! WooHoo! He's been swamped with finals. Today he came home from work, got the girls involved in playing an educational game on their own, helped with dinner, burped the baby and said, "What do you need me to do?" But I didn't hear him. All I heard was a symphony. I have the best husband.

On another note, being alone with three girls three and under all the time has made me incredibly strong. I can hold a 15 pound baby, squat and brush a kid's teeth all at once. Don't I get some sort of badge for that? No? Okay. I guess I'll settle for semi-strong legs and a clean set of toddler's teeth.

I've been spending the last ten days trying to get my toddler to stop sucking her thumb 24/7. Have you ever spent time with an addict being forced to get over a major addiction? Draining....Get the thumb out get the thumb out get the thumb out. The way she reacts to this request would make a person passing by believe there was some sort of real torture involved. No, no torture. Just fighting addictions. I can joke about addiction because I have an addictive personality. I hold a record for completing all seasons of Prison Break in record time. Hello, how is it possible to stop looking at Wentworth Miller once one has seen his face? Too bad the poor kid can't act. He'd be unstoppable.

So why am I blogging today? Oh, why to share one of my favorite soups of course! Today is officially the first day of Fall in our neighborhood. We broke out our pants! It'd been so long, I had totally forgotten what my pants looked like. We also got to wear sweaters. We hit up Farmers Market and the produce looked amazing! So beautiful. I wanted to kiss the growers. I wanted to make this meal to warm us up and use lots of our fresh veggies.

I love this recipe because it has a variety of veggies and instead of pasta contains quinoa. When I make this, I use only 4 cups stock and substitute the rest with water. I don't toast the quinoa and I omit the coriander (because we don't have any and I'm too cheap to buy it). My favorite topping to add to this soup are corn tortillas which I cut into strips and then pan fry till crispy. Yummy! 

Saucy Southwestern Meal recipe here.  


I encourage you to check out other recipes on this site by Ann Gentry. This is definitely the easiest one on the site, her dishes can get really complicated, but all her food is amazing and the site has great cooking videos by her as well.

Here is my baby! We called her Sunny in the womb and she definitely has lived up to her name. 

 How about that chunk! Her two faces are happy and terrified. Aw...they are growing too fast. Not allowed.

Today I scrubbed my kitchen sink so bright it almost blinded me. Yes, these are the things that excite me in life now. I love being a stay at home mom! All the sippy cups and the... the...mess...I take comfort in knowing that a cleaning fairy is going wipe the mess away. Yes, I'm the fairy. Do I get a badge for that?

I'm on the hunt for easy, quick, cheap vegan dishes (that does not include just rice and beans). Please share if you have a staple!


Anonymous said...

wow Arisa, Major thumbs up to you!!! you amaze me with every word you write. not only with what you're saying but the way you say it!!! are you potty training Monique as well?? it's been such a hassle with Joshy. but he's getting it. and OMG does baby "sunny" look like her POPPA!!!! you have 3 precious dolls... ADORABLE!

-Kathy E.

Arisa and Daniel said...

You are right! She does look like Daniel! Kind of scary we know what she will look like when she gets older. Haha.

No! I am not potty training her. I stick her on the toilet every once and a while and she has gone there, but I told Daniel he will be potty training her over Christmas break. We will see, I might cave in...but potty training Thérèse was the hardest thing I've ever done and I'm still traumatized from that experience.

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