Sunday, July 22, 2012

First Week with Baby

This first week has flown by! Everyday I wanted to blog, but by the time everyone was in bed, I wanted to be there with them! By the middle of the week, the lack of sleep caught up with me. Poor Daniel is the one who had to deal with my sleep deprived hostility. He told me I didn't have postpartum, he said I had the post-hate'ems. Sorry, dear. 

Monique holding her new baby sister. 
One of her first requests right out of bed in the morning.

Monique is wearing one of the first onesies 
Daniel and I bought at  Gap 
when we found out we were expecting Thérèse. 
Crazy that soon our THIRD will be wearing it as well!

We usually spend a lot of time reading, but this week, we have been reading even more than usual since that was one of the only things I could really do with them. We have a giant Dr. Seuss collection book from my cousin, and yeah, we powered through that thing in one day. 

A sweet friend gave me these nursing smocks to wear after I had the baby. I love them! While I wore them, I spent half the time loving them and the other half hating that I didn't have some for my past two home births. They are so comfortable. We just kept washing them so I could rewear them. But by day five of wearing them, Daniel told me I needed to stop pretending I was in a hospital. I hesitated, because I was trying to figure out how to explain to him that I was planning on spending the rest of my life in them. Paired with leggings would make them trendy, right?

Daniel is such a natural with newborns. While I always forget how to treat them or what we are supposed to do with them, he always picks up right where we left off. Amazing. 

First bath or "pleasure bath" as the midwife calls it. Turned out to be shear torture for her. I kept telling Daniel that it's a good thing this isn't our first kid or we would be freaking out, "Oh no! Why is she crying?! Something's wrong! She's dying!" I love not being a first time parent anymore. 

I love how baby lips and cheeks marsh mellow out when sleeping.

We gave the girls "Big Sister" gifts to congratulate them on becoming big sisters. I made them a card that told them how special being a big sister is and some of the new responsibilities it would bring. Thérèse loved it. She wanted me to read that card over and over again throughout the day. 

Notice how I have retired my post-labor nursing smock. Daniel always tells me he prefers me without make-up, never notices when my hair isn't done or cares when I forget to shave. So when the guy asks me to be a little more feminine, I'm not going to complain. Wearing my much loved nursing tank instead. 

Please note the raised eyebrows to keep the sleepy eyes open. 

Dividing the gifts. When they share, I have hope for the whole human race.
Or at least for my sanity. 

I'm super against giving videos as gifts to kids. 
But these Sign Language videos are amazing. 
They say when  kids learn sign language it opens up a whole new area of their brain
We dragged our feet with teaching Monique ASL. 
So glad we did though! 
It's nice to communicate with her without fits or tantrums.
They love being able to communicate their needs.
And even though Thérèse can talk, she still loves the videos.

I also made them a felt board.
I had a lot of fun making it. Felt is very forgiving!
It was a lot of fun getting to be crafty and sew again after so many months of homework.
I used a friend's tutorial as a guide.
I added a library, helicopter and a slide that Thérèse says the little girls broke 
because they are too big for it. Proportions may or may not be accurate. 

The girls put up their felt town like it was a 'Wizard of Oz' tornado.
Monique may not aspire to be everything her sister is, but when Thérèse is acting goofy, Monique jumps on that. 

I love this cause the girls can use their imagination.
Nice, quiet gift. 
Already planning my next sewing project!

Jesse and Bullseye. Who else did you think it was? 

Daniel did an art project with the girls.
And they started an art gallery in our hall which I love!

Newborn baby pictures! 
Soak up the youth! 

Took a great nap today and I'm ready to get back to normal life. 
No more of this recovery nonsense.
Anxious to get back in the kitchen and get moving. 
I've already started doing light yoga and swimming,
but yes...still taking it very easy.
I love having my body back and getting to enjoy my new baby! 


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Loved the pictures. Your girls are all beautiful and I'm looking forward to meeting Athena. I will show Nana the pics.

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