Friday, July 13, 2012

Build it, Plant it, Grow it, Pick it, Eat it

I love having a garden. 
Nothing compares to fresh picked produce from the ground to the plate.
I spent the first several months in our new home
complaining I didn't have a fresh basil plant.
When the time was right, Daniel made us this great garden
I wanted to share with you.

First of all, how adorable is this girl?
Sporting an outfit we found for her at a San Francisco second hand store
and a mean jean jacket that was passed down from her sister. 

We had a new fencing put in. Daniel recycled the old fence to build our garden!
We have become super green lately.
Actually, we can't decide if we are green, or just cheap.
The two walk a fine line. 
Either way, win win! 

Cynthia, an old friend of Daniel's, found out we needed dirt. 
Since they were landscaping their yard, they had lots of extra dirt laying around
and were nice enough to share it with us.
You can check out Cynthia's super cute blog here.

Here are the girls planting our new goodies from a grower at farmers market! 

Monique making faces. She kills me. 

Here is our beautiful garden after a few weeks.
Do you see that basil plant? 

We also planted parsley (that didn't last. Sad), 
a lettuce mix, beets, leek, and later zucchini that thinks it's a bunny plant. 
It won't shut up and stop making zucchinis! 
It's a real problem, guys. Nobody likes squash that much. Nobody. 

Our lettuce was the best I've had. 
Thérèse will not eat lettuce. But she ate ours!

I know you are this happy to get your picture taken first thing in the morning too. 

Dah! That lettuce is so beautiful! 
So crisp and colorful. 
Can't wait for this horrible heat to go away so we can get to planting some more! 

Daniel used the rest of the recycled fence wood to make a compost, which I love. It feels good to see all those mushroom stems, banana peels and other plant uneatables, take on a new purpose. Feels good to have less garbage too. Our earth worms found their way to our compost on their own. How cool is that?

My due date is tomorrow. I've been instructed that I can't have the baby on Friday the 13th. My brother is leaving the state for a week Sunday so I need to have the baby tomorrow or I have to wait a week for him to come back! So hard to work around people's schedules. 


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